Tennis star Serena Williams admitted to seeking mommy advice on social media as she sometimes finds it stressful to raise her daughter. Parenting can be a tough job for new parents no matter how much you prepare for it. Newborns can express themselves only through crying and so they might go on for hours making you panic. Read on to know what all you can do to make this new journey easier.

new born child

Understand the Needs of the Baby

Every baby is different so it is good to observe the baby’s routine for the first few days. The baby tells you how she likes to be held, whether she prefers to be rocked to sleep, and if she is hungry. As time goes by newborns become more predictable and exhibit patterns. Once you start understanding the baby it becomes easier for you to respond to her needs.

Be Prepared when you Leave the House

Things can get chaotic if you are not prepared when you are leaving the house with the baby. So, whenever you are taking the baby outside make sure that you carry an extra pair of clothes, diaper, socks, towel, wipes, and also the formula just in case the baby feels hungry.

Don’t Shy away from Taking Help

Raising a baby is tough job and it is good to have your friends and family around. Constant sleep deprivation is not only tiring but also affects your mood, so having a support system works wonders. Be vocal about what you want from them whether it is to hold the baby as you take a shower, or to grab a cup of coffee for you.

Don’t Feel Guilty

As a new mom you might constantly be in self-doubt or face other people’s disapproval on how you are raising your baby.  As parents you might not be doing something that your parents did, but you know what works out best for your baby. So, one should ward off the feeling of guilt and inadequacy.  It is only when you feel happy and energetic that you can take better care of the baby. Go out for a coffee with friend, take time out for things that keep you energized, and avoid being self-critical.

Understand that Nursing can be Hard

Though it looks so easy and natural, breastfeeding can be difficult for new moms as well for the babies. You may find it tough to latch the baby so it is good to get in touch with a lactation consultant. You can also take advice from friends who have kids.

Take Care of Your Health

Postpartum period starts right after the pregnancy and continues till about four to six weeks. During this period a mother requires lot of care for her mental and physical health. As you are the baby’s constant beck and call, you may feel a lack of energy.  So, it becomes important to focus on good nutrition and exercise.

Also, mothers are in a rush to lose baby weight and sometimes they may go for extreme dieting and instant weight loss practices that can be harmful for health. Proper diet and exercise make you lose weight in a healthy way.

Connect with Your Partner

As life becomes haywire with all the sleep deprivation and potty training, you barely get time for each other. But it becomes all the more important to take time out to be with your partner; this is one of the most critical pieces of mommy advice for keeping your relationship intact while the newborn is growing. Reserve this time to communicate about your needs and to discuss how to make things work. Go out for a date and even if you are spending time at home it is good to get together, just the two of you.