A birthday is one of the most awaited events in a kid’s life.  Whether you planning to go for a big party or prefer a small get-together with just family and few friends, it is important to make it entertaining. Read on to know the secrets of planning an easy and fun birthday bash for kids.

Plan the Budget

Have you thought about how much are you going to spend on the party? If not then think about it as it will help you in deciding the available options.  Once you zero in on the budget try your best to stick to it. Remember that there are ample of things that can be done to plan a fun birthday party even if you don’t want to shell out a lot.

birthday cake

Pick a Theme

It is good to involve the birthday child in the planning the theme as children are sure to have ideas about the sort of party they want. Kids sometimes prefer character birthday parties, however general themes such as unicorns, princesses, fairies, and cowboys work too.  Once you decide a theme it becomes easy to work on invitations, decorations and food. It’s always fun to involve children in small or big decisions as so many times they might come up with brilliant ideas!

Send out the Invites

Make a guests list and if you choose to make your own invitations, take your child’s help to paint or draw. Many people prefer sending out e-invites as they are easy to make and also save time.  Any birthday bash for kids need attendees!

Ensure that your invites are sent across at least two weeks before the party and don’t forget to make follow-up phone calls. This will help you in deciding how many people are coming to the party and accordingly you can plan the location, food, and the giveaways.

Birthday Cup Cakes

Timing is Important

A birthday party that goes on for too long isn’t fun as small kids tend to get cranky. So, plan for a two to two-and-a-half-hour bash. Afternoons are a good time, as you can prepare in the morning. Also, it is good to celebrate the actual day with the family and have a weekend bash as you have more time and it makes things less stressful.

Enjoy Decorating

To find some budget friendly props related to your theme, visit the nearby dollar store. You can also get some amazing deals online for everything from tablecloths, confetti, banners, and even the costumes. Get everything delivered to your home at least a week in advance as online orders may sometimes take more time.

Ditch the Birthday Cake

It is a good idea to have frosted cupcakes rather than a big cake as you can serve them all at once.  To make them look beautiful and dramatic, put a candle on each cupcake.

Arrange Simple Snacks

Usually kids are more excited about the games than the food so plan something simple and easy to eat. For instance, kids like eating cookies, chips, sandwiches, pizzas, and they are easy to grab as the kids rush to play. You can make food presentation a fun by adding a creative garnish, using a bright table cloth, and serving in colorful plates.

Go for Games that are Suitable for the Kids’ Age

Usually the classic party games such as the musical chair are easy and fun to execute. However, if you are planning on having crafts, make sure that the kids can understand them. Opt for games and crafts that require minimal supervision, otherwise the kids might lose interest and things can get chaotic.

Arrange Goody Bags to Make the Guests Feel Special

Put healthy snacks, small books, and stickers in the bag. Kids also love candies, goodies, bracelets, hairclips, and DIY crafts. Rather than packing these goods in a cellophane you can use small baskets, paper bags, flower pots, and put ribbons on top.

Follow these simple tips to arrange a fun birthday party for your kid.