One of the things I’ve learned being a blogger is that people don’t care about you and what you want; they care about themselves, and you can’t fault them for that.  You have to adapt, which means writing about topics they care about. One of the tools I use to do that is called Keywords Everywhere. It’s a cool download that you can get directly from the Chrome Store.  It’s easy to install and super simple to use.  You simple install it, restart Chrome, and do some internet searches in your browser.  The tool pulls in other related searches and also shows you the volume of queries for each phrase.  If you think about it from the blogger’s perspective, you’ve just been given the answers. You have exactly what people are looking for, so you just write content to match it.

However, even with the best content, things don’t go viral on their own.  It’s important to improve the visibility of your articles by focusing on search engine optimization.  This is a way of promoting your content online to other people.  When you write great stuff, there are always people who want to read it. But, if they don’t heard about it or know you, you’ll never be found in the search results. That’s one of the reasons we’re looking for a NYC SEO company to work with.  If they can improve visibility for businesses in the largest city on Earth, they should be able to help me get more traffic to my website.  At least, that’s my thought anyways.  I hope I’m right. All I want is a few thousand visitors a month to the site and I’ll never have to work a job again.  It will allow me to pursue my passion of writing and helping other mother’s with their kid struggles.  It may also allow me to share some tips on what I learn about search engine optimization and internet marketing from the New York City agency we end up partnering with.