Congratulations, your first baby is on the way! And right now, you are a melting pot of emotions – you feel happy, nervous, elated, scared, excited, and yes, even annoyed. Do you feel annoyed at how your house seems too cluttered and unorganized? Or annoyed at how the pantry seems to lack enough supplies? Or annoyed at how the furniture is not yet baby-safe? Or annoyed at the endless list of things you need to do before you feel ready to give birth? It’s okay, you’re just ‘nesting.’

What exactly is ‘nesting’?

Most birds create nests before they lay their eggs. Nests are made up of materials mostly found in nature, such as dried leaves, grass, or twigs, and sometimes, may also include man-made stuff like plastic straws, paper, or strings. Nests provide a comfortable and safe haven for the eggs and eventually, for the young birds. Pregnant women also have that urge to create that haven for their babies. And that urge is commonly termed as ‘nesting.’ According to old wives’ tales, once a pregnant woman starts nesting, she may be nearing her labor.

What do mommies do during nesting?

Basically, what pregnant women do while nesting is making sure that everything is prepared and in tip-top condition before the baby arrives. This may mean cleaning, repairing or fixing things, organizing, stocking up, and baby-proofing.

Although nesting is perfectly okay and normal among mommies, this may also make pregnant women more vulnerable to certain risks such as falling off a ladder, exhaustion, or exposure to harmful chemicals in cleaning products or house paints. Nesting may also cause additional stress not just for the soon-to-be mommy but also to those around her.

How to create the perfect nesting ritual?

Nesting can be fun and can be a mommy’s way of expressing enthusiasm towards her pregnancy. Here are some easy steps that you may want to incorporate in creating a nesting ritual that is just perfect for you:

1. Create a list of everything you need/want to do.

You may want to organize your list according to sections, such as the rooms in your house (e.g. baby room, kitchen, etc.), or the months before your due date (e.g. things to do 8 months before due, 7 months before, 6 months before, so on), or general areas that you need to consider (e.g. house needs, hospital needs, car needs, etc).

2. Prioritize only a few items on your list and understand that you may not tick off everything.

You need to relax and be careful in your delicate condition now more than ever. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

3. Write a letter to your future mommy self.

It is great to get everything in your surrounding ready, but also prepare yourself for what is ahead of you. Reflect about what kind of a mother you will want to be for your child. Think about the possible challenges but also be grateful for this amazing opportunity. Be positive and be supportive to your future self.

4. Write a love letter to your baby.

It will be something nice to give to him/her someday.