Growing up, our family never had a swimming pool because we didn’t have the money to afford one.  Instead, we took family vacations to places like Long Beach Island, New Jersey or went down to Orlando, Florida to see Disney World.  If we couldn’t do a big trip, we took smaller ones to local lakes or waterparks.  As a kid, it made me appreciate every second I was in a pool because it didn’t happen very often.  I think that one of every mother’s dreams is to create a life that’s just a little bit better than what they were given, and that’s what I did these past couple months.  I completely spaced on announcing it to my followers, but I put in a swimming pool!  Long story short, I heard about an amazing team of pool builders from Florida that had traveled to other states to build pools for people, so I hired them.  The pool installation was flawless. Sarasota Pool Builders did an amazing job. It’s nothing crazy since its modest in size and affordable, but it’s very nice and it’s something my kids now have that I never did.  That alone made me happy, and that was before I saw there faces when they walked in the backyard and saw it for the first time.

Sarasota Pool Builders was nothing short of spectacular.  I have to say I am very impressed with their ability to pick up a team of pool contractors, move them to a completely different state, and handle pool construction without any problems from day 1 for nearly 60 days.  How someone manages that seamlessly, I will never understand.  But, the swimming pool looks great.  We went with an inground concrete pool in a figure 8 design, 25 yards in length.  I used to swim in high school, so I wanted to make sure that the length of the pool was correct.  It’s now March and the project is already complete, so the waiting game begins.  I’m excited to float around on a tube in my new pool and read.  The kids have a slightly different idea.  If I’ve learned anything from previous experiences at the waterpark and the beach, there’s going to be a lot of splashing.  Bust out the floaties and lotion up, it’s going to be a great summer.