When you need a dentist…you NEED a dentist.  Most of us wait until we have a dental emergency to find one.  That’s definitely not the best time to be going through the list to choose one.  There’s no telling what kind of dental provider you might end up with.  The best way to find a dental service is to go in for a cleaning or check-up as a sort-of test run. That way, if you don’t click with the dentist, you are under no obligation to go back.  You are actually free to walk out during the process if you really want to.  In my case, I searched for clinics in Troy, New York. I loved the first dentist I tried out, but I did not like his staff.  The receptionist was quite rude, the dental assistant was not gentle at all, and I did not return to that dental office after the first visit.  I did, however, find an awesome dentist called Troy Dental Pros for teeth cleanings. Their dental office was helpful, the hygienist was gentle, and staff was courteous.  When he told me that I had a cavity and asked if I wanted him to fill it right then, it was a ‘no brainer’.  I didn’t hesitate for a minute and had the work done.  He completed it painlessly.  He was quick too…and gentle.  I was shocked the procedure was over already when he asked if I was ready to leave that it was “all done”.  The price was ridiculously inexpensive.  Another great way to find a great dentist is by word of mouth.  I’ve been telling all my friends and family about my new dentist.  You’ll find that when one is good, people don’t mind to share how happy they are with him or her.  If you’re looking for an excellent New York-based dentist and live in the Troy area, I’ve got the perfect pick!